Identifying your Top Talent

Identify and engage talent that meets your future state.
Partner with us to design the optimal strategy for high-impact groups

In the world of unlimited resources, organizations would certainly invest in developing all employees. In the real world however, there are limited budgets that force organizations to be selective in investing in top talent. 

Identifying and building talent is not new to most organizations. The key differentiator is the process of identifying talent and creating journey for the talent that is purposeful and engages them in developing skills to accelerate their growth within organizations. Defining the top talent pool that is both effective for an organization and addresses individuals’ development journey is a hard balance.

We work with you to build your top talent by:


Understanding business needs

Understanding the high business impact groups from business context and define “high potential” 


Agreeing and aligning approach

Agree on key success criteria and assessment criteria and development path  them and align key stakeholder messages


Assessing the talent pool

Assessing the talent through scientific assessment tools and skill mapping and identifying your top talent


Defining Experience journey

Supporting your top talent by creating experience journey for their next step and coaching them on defining moments


Facilitating Eco-system

Facilitating to create an eco-system for developing top-talent by developing your managers