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At the heart of our vision is to help organizations create psychological safety that enables growth and transformation through their talent. Our strength is in collaborating with organizations to provide the impactful solutions to assess and nurture their talent for a sustainable future.

We serve leaders who are catalyst for transforming their talent pool helping them solve talent challenges and navigate organization change focusing on intrinsic motivation and needs. 

We connect authentically with individuals to create mindset shifts and evolve as leaders unique in their strengths and who are committed to their true purpose of serving their team.

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The Leadership Bench

Ashlesha is an executive coach and senior consultant with over 20 years of experience helping leaders and multinational corporates across various industries to enhance their global leadership, talent development, assessment, engagement, and change management skills.

Ashlesha combines her curiosity and warm, personal approach with expertise to drive positive cultural and personal shifts for organizations and leaders. Ashlesha has particular expertise working with major international companies and business units in R&D, engineering, pharma, oil & gas, EPCs, and investment banking.

She holds a Masters degree in Change from INSEAD, Singapore, a Masters in Human Resource Management from M.S University India, and is qualified by the British Psychological Society in Occupational Testing and certified in NLP, Brain-based coaching techniques, and PROSCI.

When not working, she enjoys planning her next travel adventure.


Values shape our identity and guide client service



Making an

We strive to serve our clients with innovative, sustainable solutions to build a engaged, thriving and transformational work culture





We partner with our clients to create effective talent strategies and align execution understanding the organization  vision and cultural context.




with Integrity

We are respectful, stay true to ourselves and take accountability of our actions. We serve with integrity and show courage to speak up with compassion and clarity.

with passion

We constantly deliver our projects going an extra mile for our clients and internalize an accountable and entrepreneurial approach to our delivery.





Our intention is to stay true to who we are, what we do and who we serve. Sincerity, kindness, empathy and being humble are a part of our “being”

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