Executive Assessment

Ensure alignment of strengths and behaviours that best fit the role and organisation values

Studies show that a cost of wrong person in the role can cost a company upto 2.5 times of the salary and can impact the organization reputation. Assessing an individual to the role is a masterful mix of science, art and deeper understanding of the organization culture. Our extensive experience is understanding the taken the guesswork out of selecting the best people for the most crucial roles within organizations.

We help organizations make best decisions on hiring or promotion by



Developing a comprehensive understanding of the business and strategic context for the role and create a success profile.



Facilitating purpose-driven assessments to recommend the right match



Delivering insightful analysis on the candidate’s strengths that can be leveraged,  potential risks that could derail success, and assessing cultural fit



Providing coaching and support to leaders as they embark on their first 90-day journey in their new role, ensuring a smooth transition