Sir John Whitmore

Executive Coaching


We provide coaching services to your emerging leaders as well as senior leaders. Coaching provides the time and space for reflection that can often be hard to find. In this way, we will:

Help leaders become more effective – by guiding them towards discovering their ‘self’ and their individual leadership styles

Support them to unlock their potential – by understanding their ‘inner script’ and breaking through limitations

Strengthen leadership qualities – to enable them to navigate through complex decisions and hierarches as well as empower their teams

Make an impact – by inspiring confidence within the ‘coachee’, so that they can influence their environment for the greater good 

One to one coaching is at the heart of what we do. Executive Coaching provides the time and space to reflect, think and explore important issues that enable strategic and leadership breakthroughs.

Self-awareness is the catalyst by which growth occurs, in the absence of this leaders can often unknowingly continue doing things in the same way as usual. Imagine going through life having certain situations, people, or thoughts trigger responsive emotions in you and being largely unaware of them. Our Executive Coaches can help your leaders reach their full potential by helping them in discovering self, challenging thinking and assumptions eliciting new insights and helping them to achieve significant shifts in confidence, awareness and understanding.

Executive Coaching can help your Leaders to:

Our Executive Coach

Surinder Kullar, FCIPD

Senior Director & Executive Coach

Surinder has over 20 years experience working in diverse industries across different geographical regions, with the past 6 years in the Middle East.  She has worked in the field of Human Resources and spent the past 5 years leading Talent Management for a global multi-national organization.  She has worked with Boards, Senior Executives and Leaders.

Surinder’s passion is in helping individuals, by enabling them to explore and develop, so that they can reach their full potential as a Leader.   Surinder has a strong desire and commitment in supporting her clients in times of change, transition or in managing organizational complexities.  She will provide the time and space for her clients to reflect, encourage a deeper level of self-awareness and will challenge their thinking to achieve clarity and focus.

Sandra is an experienced Coach who brings with her over 20 years of professional experience, which has been built upon through a variety of roles and organisations. Her skills have been developed over a career as a qualified teacher, Director and member of a corporate leadership team, change agent and management consultant. Sandra has extensive experience in organisational change which is driven by a commitment to  evidence based decisions based on clarity of thought. 

Sandra has worked with individuals and teams to: develop skills, raise self-awareness, increase confidence and a sense of responsibility.  Which, in many cases has resulted in the creation of new pathways and approaches to problem solving. Her skills and knowledge have been deepened through continuous professional development, social and psychological curiosity and a passion for developing individuals and teams to fulfil their potential.

As a coach Sandra is open and direct, probing, empathetic and highly intuitive. Her approach utilises a variety of theoretical models to underpin her practical experience.

Sandra will work with you and your team to create a reflective space that allows the next step in your journey to be determined using an appropriate process of support and challenge to help you to become the best you can be.

Those who have worked with Sandra have stated:

“Sandra’s coaching has enabled me to be the Manager I knew I could be. Her ability to install confidence alongside providing strategies for success has enriched my career.”

– JH, Manager, Outer London

“..the coaching conversation inspires reflective thinking and encourages the viewing of situations from varying perspectives.”

– DM, Gaming Designer

“Sandra is extremely knowledgeable and approachable at all levels within organisations. She has a person-centred approach as a coach and provides a calm space to instil confidence and clarity of thought to any manager lucky enough to access her professional input.”

– HB, Principal Educational Psychologist

Sandra Lloyd-Morrison

Executive Coach